“Soufleros Fireplaces & Stoves” cooperates with companies that manufacture only high quality products for heating your home.

The high efficient fireplaces and stoves that you will find in our range are chosen based on the construction quality, the proper certification (low
wood  consumption and  energy label), the safety of  the user during the operation of the product and the respect for the environment.

However, it is ensured that in our range you will find products with minimal or sophisticated design and a wide variety of sizes in order for you to
find the desired fireplace or stove.

Initially, our technical team uses materials that are strictly certified and have excellent manufacturing quality. For insulating our products, during
the  installation, we  are using a new technology of insulating material  (Skamoenclosure system from Denmark), that does not contain quartz in
its composition, does not release hazardous particles during its processing and its installed fast and easy.

[Certificated with CE, A (100% non-flammable material)].