“Soufleros Fireplaces & Stoves” is a leading company in the Greek and Cypriot market in the heating sector that provides a big range of quality products. Our high efficient
wood burning products are characterized by low wood consumption, excellent manufacturing quality and respect for the environment.Since 1980 fire has fueled our passion for fireplaces & stoves and helped us to evolve over the years and fulfill four decades of operation. Our headquarters is based in Lamia-Greece and due to its geographic location (Center of Greece) can serve our clients and associates throughout Greece and Cyprus.

Our company represents and distributes exclusively, for the Greek and Cypriot market, the best premium brands in the heating industry such us:
           •    Lotus heating systems A/S (Denmark)
           •    Heta A/S (Denmark)
           •    Termatech A/S (Denmark)
           •    Austroflamm (Austria)
           •    Italkero (Italy)
           •    Demanincor (Italy)
           •    Romotop (Czech Republic)

Over the years we have created a large and reliable net of dealers across Greece and Cyprus in order that our clients are served and supplied with our products.
Particular attention has been paid to the establishment of the network in order to properly serve customers for technical issues and product installations.

Many isolated customers in the Greek Islands, the country side and the mainland have been procured our unique fireplaces and stoves. All our products installations
in these places have been made by our authorized technical team.

Furthermore, in our range we have a large variety of wood burning stoves with small heating output for passive houses (Well isolated houses), as well as countless
choices for stoves and fireplaces with higher heating output for normal or bigger houses.

Our wood burning stoves makes it astonishing easy for our customers to control whether the heat should primary be distributed quickly by means of convection
heating or slowly via radiation heating. In our range  you will find categories, the high efficient stoves that use convection heating and emit the thermal energy
quickly in your place, and the high efficient stoves that use both convection and radiation heating.

So, in our range you can find high efficient fireplaces, high efficient stoves, fireplaces and stoves with water exchanger, gas fireplaces, pellet stoves, outdoor fireplaces
(Wood-Gas) and a new technology of insulating material “Skamoenclosure board” (Created by Skamol to insulate-built the construction of a fireplace).