Austroflamm Mass stoves
  • “Soufleros Fireplaces & Stoves” is the exclusive partner for Austroflamm in Greece. The Austrian Company is
      considered a premium brand in the world market, her high efficient mass stoves are designed to accumulate
      and radiate heat in your space from 9 to 15 hours. Austroflamm has two heat accumulation technologies
       (Heat memory system & Xtra) in its range. With Heat memory system Austroflamm has combined the
       fast heating with the long-lasting heat storage.

  • The HMS offers up to 9 hours of heat emission. The Xtra technology is a combination of HMS with a special heat
    exchanger that stow more than 100 kg of accumulating stones in your stove, so the Xtra system offers up to 15
    hours of heat  emission. The design of the Xtra stoves includes an adjustable handle that enables the user to
    choose whether the heat will flow rapidly into the space,through the hot air or slowly and gradually into the
    space through radiation (Xtra system).


  • In the following link is the updated catalogue of Austroflamm’s high efficient mass stoves:

Catalogue of Austroflamm Mass stoves