Our company "Fireplaces Soufleros" cooperates with the following internationally renowned heating companies in the global market.

-Austroflamm (See more), This Austrian company manufactures energy fireplaces and stoves with wood and pellet fuel. It is considered a premium brand in the world market with a wide variety of products that are characterized by excellent construction quality, modern and unique design as well as a high rate of energy efficiency.

-Lotus (See more), This Danish company is a brand that has been active for years in the field of heating. Lotus pays special attention to the construction of energy fireplaces and stoves that feature high technology in their burning mode, low wood consumption and environmental friendliness during their operation. Lotus products are engineered to build quality and user friendliness.

-Romotop (See more), the Czech company is a pioneer in the field of design, development and quality burning. The fireplaces and stoves produced by Romotop have modern design, high energy efficiency and a wide variety of models to satisfy even the most demanding consumers.
-Heta, heta is still a Danish heating company and works with our Firefighters' Fireplace. This Danish company is a rising power in the Greek market, offering solutions with highly thought-out interior design, high energy efficiency products and minimal design at very reasonable prices.

-Italkero (See more), Italkero is a Modena-based company in Italy and has been active in the field of heating since 1970. The Italian company offers energy heating products that have the gas as a fuel. All products of the company are designed and manufactured with
emphasis on manufacturing quality, user safety, low consumption, respect for the environment and special design. Italkero can offer you solutions for your home, your business space, and the heating of your outdoor areas.

-TermaTech (See more), Termatech is a "sister" company of Lotus, which specializes in the production of energy stoves. Termatech's products are characterized by clean combustion technology, their quality construction, low wood consumption and their special design. The range of Thermatech's energy product coverage capability is great, as its products can cover from small spaces to the largest area of ​​your home. At the same time, the company has a wide variety of accessories for your stove and fireplace, such as: 200mm thick bumpers, glass cleaners, upholstery, blinds, etc.

-Demanincor (See more), Demanincor is a leading manufacturer of kitchens for home, business and custom-made kitchens. Demanincor is based in Italy and is a 5th generation company with its international reputation. The products of this company are characterized by their excellent manufacturing quality, their sophisticated technology, respect for the environment and the special design that can be changed according to your choices. Wood and gas kitchens for those wishing to choose the top items for their home.

-Skamol, our company "Firefighters Fireplaces" is the exclusive distributor of the insulating material SKAMOTEC 225, skamoenclosure system. This insulating material is called calcium silicate and is a new generation from Denmark. In its composition it contains no quartz, no dangerous particles are released during its processing, it is 100% non-flammable material, it is certified with CE and A1 and is characterized by its easy and fast processing. The result in constructions using this insulating material is a modern and complete insulation system. Construct your fireplace's heat chamber quickly and easily, avoiding the smells that some other insulating materials release.