Lugo NA 01 Ceramic - Ενεργειακή σόμπα

SKU: lugo_na01_ceramic

Ενεργειακή Κλάση: Α+
Κυμαινόμενη Ισχύς: 3-7,8 kW
Ονομαστική ισχύς: 6 kW
Ενεργειακή απόδοση:81,9 %
Μέση κατανάλωση ξύλου: 1,7 kg/h
Έξοδος καυσαερίων: 150 mm
Βάρος: 166 kg

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Ποιότητα & Αξιοπιστία
Πιστοποιημένη εργοστασιακή εγγύηση, ενεργειακά προϊόντα υψηλής ποιότητας και αισθητικής, Τζάκια Σουφλερός!

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The LUGO N A stove can be fitted with special accumulation tiles in the space above the combustion
chamber. This “mass” of accumulation elements can extend the heat radiation period of the stove by
several hours.

This stove is suitable for low-energy homes. An EAI (External Air Intake) system is included.
The ventilated designer handle permits use when the stove is lit. The door can be locked in
the open position. The standard version includes the option to connect an upper or rear flue
gas exhaust. Thanks to the secondary air intake, the door glass is air-washed to prevent the
accumulation of soot. The combustion chamber is lined with chamotte brick tiles. The primary
and secondary air intakes are regulated by a single control element. The lower part of the
stove includes a storage area with a door for storing a small amount of wood or tools. Also,
you can purchase extra accumulation elements that radiate heat for up to 5.5 hours.