STROMBOLI N 03 sheet metal - fireplace stove

SKU: stromboli_n03

Ενεργειακή Κλάση: Α+
Κυμαινόμενη Ισχύς: 3-7,8 kW
Ονομαστική ισχύς: 6 kW
Ενεργειακή απόδοση:80,1 %
Μέση κατανάλωση ξύλου: 1,7 kg/h
Έξοδος καυσαερίων: 150 mm
Βάρος: 155 kg

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The fireplace STROMBOLI N 03 sheet metal with tin sidewalls transfers heat quickly into the room and cools quickly when extinguished.
Possibility to connect top venting.
ready for an external connection of the combustion air intake (EAI).
Intake of secondary air, thanks to which the glass of the door is cleaned and therefore impurities do not settle on it.
Large glass door design is imprinted with a black frame.
Handle is comprehended in the door frame.
The base of the fireplace rotates on its own axis.

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